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Fate Born: Secrets of Sratta (e-book)

Fate Born: Secrets of Sratta (e-book)

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Purchase the ebook version of Fate Born: Secrets of Sratta, the first installment of The Fate Born Tetralogy, a sci-fi coming-of-age adventure about family, friendship, first love, and finding yourself as you rise to the challenge in extraordinary circumstances.

In the year 3121, the planet Drammat rules its utopian galaxy with innovation and compassion. The graduates of the Grand Drammatan Academy are the writers of their society’s future.

As the youngest student ever admitted to the Academy, 16-year-old Aria Blake is on edge when her lifelong visions of a teenage boy named Luca become more frequent and intense just before the school year begins.

With mental illness being a thing of the past and a stigma for the rare few who still face it, she’s forced to hide the truth or risk losing everything she's worked for.

When she runs into Luca, alive and in the flesh, at the Academy orientation, her whole world is flipped upside down. It's immediately clear that Luca has secrets of his own, but Aria feels an instant, almost supernatural connection to him. When he eventually opens up to her about his past on Earth - something that should be impossible - Aria learns that Drammat isn't as benevolent as it leads its citizens to believe.

Luca begs Aria to keep his secret to protect both of their lives, but when they uncover a heinous plot on an Academy field trip to the frozen planet Sratta, they must choose between protecting themselves and saving thousands of innocent lives.

The Fate Born Tetralogy is perfect for readers of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, The Pillars of Reality Series by Jack Campbell, and The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.

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