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Michelle grew up in a tiny mountain town in Colorado to two entrepreneur parents who always encouraged her to pursue her dreams and work hard. Though she always had a love of good stories and an affinity for writing, she considered writing fiction to be a risky career choice, so she went to school for "practical writing."

Her degrees are in Journalism and Strategic Organizational Communication and Advocacy. After taking up a full-time position in her family business, a piano teaching app called Piano Marvel, while raising her two young children with her teacher-coach husband, she recognized that her passion for writing wasn't being quenched by the articles she was writing for her day job.

Since deciding to pursue authorship in November 2020, she has found more fulfillment than she knew was possible. Fate Born: Secrets of Sratta is her debut novel, but the remaining books in the Fate Born Tetralogy are well on their way to readers' shelves with Book two set to release in April 2025.

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