Author of Like Courate on a Starless Night

Stacy Bair Ogden

"I absolutely could not put this book down. The world building was fascinating. The characters were 3d, and interacted wonderfully with one another. They also felt like real teenagers.

The romance was... *chief's kiss🤌🏼* There were some very unique and refreshing aspects to the way Robison portrayed the romance between the two main characters.

The bad guys were CHILLING. I truly hated them. I hope they all get what's coming to them in fiery, fantastic ways.

This book made me feel things, and when an author can make me laugh, tear up, call for someone's head, gasp in fear, cheer for a long-awaited kiss, and get sucked in to the action scenes, that's a win in my book. Cannot wait for the rest of this series!" (CONDENSED)

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Social Media Book Reviewer

Sophie Spurlock

"This is honestly the best sci-fi/futuristic book I've ever read! I couldn't put it down! Aria and Luca's relationship was everything to me. So otherworldly, definitely a must-read!"

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Teen Reader

Mylee Garner

"This is probably my favorite book I've read! The story is captivating, and it's so hard to put down once you start reading it. Unlike many books, this story gets better, more engaging, and more intense throughout, even until the very last chapters. I'm obsessed with the characters, and love the idea of Aria and Luca's connection! I can't wait to know what next steps they take to save the universe. I'm so excited for the next book in this series!!"

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Adult Reader


"I’m absolutely in LOVE with this book! There are many highlights, from the refreshing takes on a futuristic society, to the dynamic and impressively intense scene writing. My absolute favorite part is the connection between two of the characters. Despite its fantastic circumstances, it simultaneously feels very grounded, real, has a sense of mystery, and it yanks hard on your heart-strings. Highly recommend!"

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